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Informations collected by applications are called event and are the basis for application analytics

An event defines an interaction collected for a particular user.

They may have another name such as hit for Google Analytics

An event is build from a tracker (called also tag (beacon, pixel)

This kind of event is mainly data generated by human activity but can also come directly from the application such as a page speed for instance.


The type of event map directly to a table in the data model.


Tracking Google Analytics Snowplow Event Type
Page Views pageview / screenview Pageview
Item View item Item view
Custom Interaction event Custom structured/unstructured event
Transaction transaction Ecommerce transaction
Social interaction (A like button was clicked for instance) social Social
Exception exception Error tracking
User/App timing timing Page pings
Impression Ad impression


See Web Analytics - Data Model



  • idsite: the site identifier (ie property)
  • url: current URL
  • urlref: HTTP referrer (traffic source); can be blank
  • action: action name (defaults to pageview)
  • data: contains information on the UUID from cookie state


  • title: page title
  • screen: screen resolution information
  • date: client-side datetime in the browser

Client information:

  • browser User-Agent,
  • client IP address

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