Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Comments)

Card Puncher Data Processing


social media are newsfeed application




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Card Puncher Data Processing

is a social network ...girod_gary/status/1172733173857476609?s=12Gary Girod - Earn money from your content on ...
Graph (Network - Nodes and edges)

A graph is a set of vertices connected by edges. See Data representation that naturally captures complex relationships is a graph (or network). Except of the special graph that a tree is, the data...
Social Identity Provider ( Social Sign-In )

Social Sign-In Social Identity Provider are identify provider from social media such as Facebook, Google, or Amazon
Card Puncher Data Processing

is a public social media that presents a newsfeed. API has a search API: ...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Web Analytics - Event (Hit) - Data Collected

Informations collected by analytics applications are called event (driven-architecture) and are the basis for application analytics An event defines an interaction collected for a particular user. hit...

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