HTML emails - How to write them correctly


Email body are mostly written in HTML for advanced format and design of document that goes from marketing document to conventional letter

An HTML email:

The HTML emails sends programmatically:

There is also engine that does all of that at once.


From amazon:

Text written by Gary Provost if we believe this page


Supported HTML Syntax

A well written HTML document is accepted nowadays in every modern email client (Gmail, ..) but not every tag is still supported.

HTML and CSS tag supports by client can be found at caniemail

For Gmail specifically: See css support and Gmail css reference


You can add structured data such as reservation, meeting.

Best Practice

Best practices:

  • 600-800 pixels maximum width
  • basic font (Arial, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New Roman)
  • image (no svg support)
  • layout is almost done only with the table tag

More … see the design best practices at stackoverflow

Inline CSS

Because old email client may strip out the head and style tags from HTML emails, a process called inlineCss or premailer is generally executed in order to get all style inline.

Therefore there is always a pre-processing on HTML for email that will inline the CSS style.

Inline Library:


An email template is a HTML template where variable (such as name, place, order, ..) are replaced with data before sending the email to create the the body of the email message.

For transactional email:

For batch email (marketing,..):

See also by categories


No target on Anchor

In your email, it's best to add no target attribute on the anchor.

As target=“_blank”

  • may open a popup: Papercut-SMTP
  • don't let the choice to the user


Email editor are editor that target the HTML for the Email client.



An engine is an application that takes as input:


Design Guide

Documentation / Reference

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