Email - Service Provider (ESP) - Marketing


An Email Service Provider (ESP) helps you send email.

Around this offering, they can expand their features:

Transactional and Marketing email are filtered and go to the Update tab of Gmail. If you want them to be in the inbox, you need to send them with a personal account.


Provider Price Transactional Used by
SendGrid no dedicated IP 100 emails/day free,
50k → 20 euro
200k → 95 Euro (dedicated ip)
used by gumroad, openAI
Google Apps
Aws - SES (Email) $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send. x Free first 6000 with Logo or 10$ by month 35000 (ing) x 19 Euro
Inbox Hubspot 600 euro by month 1) thinkific
sendinblue 300 email free by day, 20k for 19 euro (used by 10 Euro by month x 89 Euro 29 Euro /1000 59 Euro once (Aws Ses self hosted) 25 euro/month for a block of 25ooo email
1 euro by 1000
yes (mandrillapp) 5000 free by month
1$ by 1000
x (used by Mastodon) Gmail Plugin (13Eur) 1 cent per email x French swiss diplomat


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