Spam (Ham)

1 - About

A spam is an unsolicited mail.

It's also known as:

  • Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE)
  • or Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE)
The opposite of Spam is known as Ham for a legit email

The ratio of ham/spam is:

  • for blog (90%) (comment/trackback)
  • for email (98%)

(not sure to be validated)

3 - Avoid

3.1 - Authentication

3.2 - Grey Listing - Base on the fact that a Spam server will never try to send the email again, the first email received from an unknown sender is rejected and is placed in a grey listing and if the smtp server sends it again after the grace period, the sender is placed on the white list.

spamd has a rejection base on grey listing.

3.3 - IP Blocklist

3.4 - Filter

4 - Indirect

Spam may be indirect.

For instance:

  • when a comment is posted, an email is send to the subscriber and the administrator receive it.

5 - Spam trap

A spam trap is an email address that’s not actively used, but is actively monitored. If a spam trap receives an email, something is rotten because that email address never opted in to receive emails.

6 - Spam Email

Spam emails use the unsubscribe option to confirm that your email is in fact legit and active.

7 - Provider

spamd is a fake mail daemon which rejects false mail.

8 - Score

9 - Documentation / Reference

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