What is a SMTP Server? The server that sends, receives, and processes email


An SMTP email server in the email landscape is a server that implements the SMTP protocol in order to:

The normal destination is a box but the email may be forwarded to:

  • a HTTP endpoint
  • or another email

Note on POP and IMAP email server

This page is about a SMTP server, not about POP, IMAP server that help to manage the mailbox box (read, delete, …) from a desktop client

MDA and MTA are SMTP servers

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) are other names for SMTP servers that emphasize the role that they have in the email processing.

If you want to know the basic of email, check this page: How does the email system work? SMTP, POP, IMAP explained


Mx DNS records

The MX dns records points to the Mail Delivery SMTP server.


Server Application

Below you will find some SMTP server implementation




For development, see How to test if an email was successfully send ?

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