Postfix - Configuration (File, List and Default values)


This article:

You should have at minimal a little bit of knowledge about the postfix architecture.


  • /etc/postfix/ where you define globally (the default configuration for all process)
  • /etc/postfix/ where every single running process is defined where you can overwrite the default option of

The configuration file defines:

  • how a client program connects to a service,
  • what daemon program runs when a service is requested.

The general format of the file is as follows:

  • Empty lines and whitespace-only lines are ignored, as are lines whose first non-whitespace character is a #.
  • A logical line starts with non-whitespace text. A line that starts with whitespace continues a logical line.
  • Each logical line defines a single Postfix service. Each service is identified by its name and type as described below.

When multiple lines specify the same service name and type, only the last one is remembered. Otherwise, the order of service definitions does not matter.


Output of the below command that gives all default postfix default configuration value

postconf -d 

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