What is an SMTP reception?


Email (ie message) are received via the SMTP protocol by a SMTP client.


Once received, the SMTP server:

How does email reception work?

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How to send an email at the command line with SMTP? Email transaction explained

This page is a how-to that describes how you can transport an email to a SMTP server at the command line using the SMTP protocol for further delivery It will show you the inner mechanisms of SMTP. Below...
The SMTP Protocol

A summary of what the SMTP protocol is and how to send an email from a network connection with telnet or netcat
What are the SMTP Ports? (25, 465, 587)

This article regroups all information and configuration around this subject
Dkim Entry
What is DKIM, the Email DomainKeys Identified Mail? (Mail Signatures)

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a method to sign digitally outgoing email, in order to authenticate a person, role, or organization allowing them to claim some responsibility for the message. The...
What is DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication)?

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is a text DNS Record that indicates to the receiving server what actions should be taken if the emails do not pass the email authentication...
What is Email Authentication?

By default, the SMTP protocol does not have any authentication mechanism when the email is received. There may be an authentication when you try to send but not when you receive. To prevent spoofing...
What is a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) or Relay in SMTP? (Email Smtp Server)

mail transfer agent or MTA 1) is the software that sends your emails as they implements Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). They ultimately transport E-Mail messages from one computer to another.
What is a Mail eXchange or Email mail delivery agent (MDA | LDA)?

A mail delivery agent (MDA) or Mail eXchange is a SMTP server that is responsible for the local delivery (reception) of e-mail messages to a mailbox It's also known as: message delivery agent (MDA)...
What is a SMTP Server? The server that sends, receives, and processes email

What is an SMTP server and how to implement it

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