Email - Mille and one way to send an email (professional and user)

1 - About

Mille and one way to send an email.

Emails delivered using the SMTP protocol are sent in units called envelopes.

Sending an email is also known as submitting an email to the server and the connection port are known then as submission port

3 - Method

3.1 - Direct connection

Advanced mechanism. See Email - Smtp Protocol

3.2 - Email Client (Mail User Agent)

A user can send an email with a client application (known also as MUA)

4 - Provider

4.1 - Third party

4.1.1 - Professional

Using a dedicated email service provider is the most easy and secure way to send email


4.1.2 - Personal

You should not send professional emails using your personal Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc. in the FROM address. The emails might:

  • not be delivered at all, like on Yahoo,
  • or display a warning, like “Be careful with this message” on Gmail which warns about the recipient that he might be spoofed.
It's still possible to use the SMTP with a MTA configuration. See for instance postfix SASL solution but I don't known the repercussion. You should test it.

4.2 - Dedicated Server

On a dedicated server, you may send:

  • via the installation of a MTA
  • via the email function of you language

It's free to send with your own host but you need to configure it properly. See Email - Server Step by step Email Domain Configuration

5 - Documentation / Reference

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