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Number of Signups are more of a reflection of market fit than product market fit.

How to get people to sign in

The marketing phase that lead prospects to sign in, is called a lead magnet.

Making connaissance

Getting feedback by answering question from a sentence.


I want to create a _____
 It should be a ___
 site and I've built ____.


To prevent any fake account creation by bad bot, you can:

  • use a captcha
  • add steps via javascript in your form.

Step 1 - Email

  • Forms “Create your account” with a magic link


From Signup Magic Signin Link

  • We know you're probably not a robot, but we just have to ask: Are you a robot?
  • Submit: Account created, please check your email!

Step 2 - Email

To log in, please press the button below: Sign In Thanks,

A click brings you to the application.

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A market solved a problem See Signups are a reflection of market fit
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