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A solution to a problem has:

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Marketing - Product Market Fit

product market fit is achieved when customers start beating a path to your door. When you don’t have it, everything feels hard. When you do have it, everything is easy and every move you make feel easy....
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Marketing - Proposition / Added value

same as ? --Ogilvy on Advertising See also: Unique_selling_proposition Metrics that represent the value my users get from my product. Example: Company Metric that represent value Ideal frequency...
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Goal: with a good product, the process is 10x faster and cheaper. It solves a problem by offering a solution Initial Market Fit Search: Idea - Have a great idea (solution to...
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Solution - Price (Pricing / monetization)

A page price, pricing model, monetization and compensation. Monetization is the sum of all decisions taken when, what for, and how much...
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Startup - Idea

A startup idea is: a problem a solution and insights

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