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A page about price, pricing model, monetization and compensation.

Monetization is the sum of all decisions taken about when, what for, and how much to charge for your product.


Price of the solution is generally the price of the product.

Price vs Market




  • online course with over 1000 students charged $200

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Rule 10 - 5 - 20

  • 10x - if you spend 10 you will win 100
  • Then increase by 5% until you loose 20% of the customer

Fibonacci sequence

Your price may follow the Fibonacci sequence.

For example zappier 1) at $11, $23, and $58 for the Amp, Ohm, and Volt plans.


Temporary low price

Scarcity sells: First 60 buyers got preferential pricing.


Fair use policy

Fair use policy may be used as a pricing model.

For instance:

  • The product is free of charge and offered without guarantees.
  • If needed, we might introduce rate limits in the future.
  • We might introduce
  • a paid subscription for high-volume users.

other ways to say oit:

  • Unlimited : provided that our infrastructure is not affected


Ad supported

For pure-consumer products that are attention-oriented

Bundled with Hardware or Content

Software bundled with hardware or content.

End users seem to be fine with paying directly:

  • for hardware (smartphone, laptop)
  • or content (Netflix, Spotify).

B2B SaaS

A business has a problem; a software creator offers a web-based product that solves the problem. The business purchases directly from the creator, and continues to pay as long as they have the problem.



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