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1 - About

A page about price, pricing model, monetization and compensation.

Monetization is the sum of all decisions taken about when, what for, and how much to charge for your product.

3 - Price

Price of the solution is generally the price of the product.

3.1 - Price vs Market



  • Smb / SME


  • online course with over 1000 students charged $200

Other blog about it Are you hunting for mice, elephants or whales ? - Five years later: Five ways to build a $100 million SaaS business

3.2 - Optimization

3.2.1 - Rule 10 - 5 - 20

  • 10x - if you spend 10 you will win 100
  • Then increase by 5% until you loose 20% of the customer

4 - Promotion

4.1 - Temporary low price

Scarcity sells: First 60 buyers got preferential pricing.

5 - Model

5.1 - Fair use policy

Fair use policy may be used as a pricing model.

For instance:

  • The product is free of charge and offered without guarantees.
  • If needed, we might introduce rate limits in the future.
  • We might introduce
  • a paid subscription for high-volume users.

other ways to say oit:

  • Unlimited : provided that our infrastructure is not affected

5.2 - Donation

5.3 - Ad supported

For pure-consumer products that are attention-oriented

5.4 - Bundled with Hardware or Content

Software bundled with hardware or content.

End users seem to be fine with paying directly:

  • for hardware (smartphone, laptop)
  • or content (Netflix, Spotify).

5.5 - B2B SaaS

A business has a problem; a software creator offers a web-based product that solves the problem. The business purchases directly from the creator, and continues to pay as long as they have the problem.

5.6 - Referral

6 - SAAS

7 - Documentation / Reference

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