How are users/consumers tracked on the internet?

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This page shows how tracking works. tracking is the process of following a user.



* Site tracking and the GDPR

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Ad - tracking

tracking of ad impression event may be created via: Pixel (HTTP get URL request) Postback URL. (ie an HTTP post URL request ) Image
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Analytics - (Cross-site | Cross-domain) tracking - Site linking

cross-site tracking is a tracking technique that permits to follow a user across web sites (ie to follow users from site to site) Cross-domain measurement makes it possible for Analytics to see sessions...
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Code design - (Connection|Session)

During the use of a product, a session or connection is a execution context that holds identification data (if any) and group actions (such as interaction or transaction) that take place within...
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Consumer Analytics - Privacy

The purpose of data mining is to discriminate … who gets the loan who gets the special offer Certain kinds of discrimination are unethical, and illegal racial, sexual, religious, … But it...
Email - Open (Tracking)

Opening an email is an user action that shows engagement and is one of the email metrics. The opened email are tracked with a invisible one-pixel image. Ie when the email loads images, a HTTP get...
Etag - An unique identifier for a HTTP resource

The ETag HTTP response header is an identifier for a specific version of a resource. A etag comparison determines whether two representations of a resource are the same and is therefore similar to a hash...
Google Analytics Outbound Amazon
Google Analytics - Outbound Link Tracking

hyperlink tracking with Based on the Capture outbound links documentation, this site capture all external link created with a anchor with...
Devtool Tracking Cookie Identifier Counter
How does a tracking cookie work? A step by step example

This page shows you a basic example of a tracking ... cookie so that you can understand and implement the underlying mechanisms. These cookies are third-party cookie. A tracking cookie is also known...
Web - Browser Fingerprinting

A digital fingerprint is a string that represents a unique id of a device (browser). The more unique is the browser, the more it has a one on one relationship with a user. A digital fingerprint may...
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Web Analytics - Pixel (1×1 gif, Clear Gif)

Tracking pixels (aka beacon, 1×1 gif, or clear gif) is a tracker that allow for tracking where a POST requests are disallowed (mostly to track Open Email), but where you can embed an image that will perform...

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