Data - Machine Data

Data System Architecture


machine data are data not created by human whereas human data are.

machine data are the source of event-data application.


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Aws - Splunk

machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.
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Event-Data Application

are event-driven application that reports / analyze the immutable event collected (without any notion of a pre-defined lifecycle). An event-driven application is a stateful application that: ingest...
Time Series (Collection of time data)

A time series is sequential collection of data measured one by one: at fixed time intervals (for instance computer monitoring) or when it happens (for a business process or application) A time-series...
Scale Counter Graph
What are Application Metrics? ie Perfcounter, Performance Metrics, Operational data, Monitoring, telemetry

This section is about the collection and calculation of metrics in a monitoring context known as observability.

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