What are embedded databases?

Data System Architecture


embedded databases are database that run in an embedded mode:

It means that it:



  • No need to install them
  • Performance as they run in the same thread (For instance, the Java Derby Database will run in the same JVM as the application)
  • Portable


  • No client/server mode (ie no external connection by default). By default, they are not bound to a socket. Some databases allow it but it needs extra effort.
  • Without any service socket:
    • No sync without any extra software layer
    • Available only for the application, not for client.
    • only a single application can access a database at one time
    • no network access occurs.


  • Sqlite (C with binding)
  • Derby (Java, support also client/server, replication)
  • H2 (Java)
  • HSQLDb (Java)

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