Color - Violet

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violet is:

The complementary color of violet is:

Violet Wheel Rgv



Demo (more magenta in css)

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Subtractive Color Wheel
Color - (Wheel|Circle|Disc) (Hue Organization)

After Newton had used a prism to separate daylight and count seven individual colors (hue), it appeared to him that this was a closed system. By taking the violet end of the spectrum and linking it to...
Color Blue
Color - Blue

blue is: a hue color (chromatic) a pure color (without additive) one of the percepted human colors. is used as primary color: coordinate in a colorspace (for instance the rgb colorspace) in...
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Color - Hue (Wavelength, type of color) (Shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple)

A Hue is a color of the rainbow. They can be highly simplified as being the color name that gives a particular wavelength (thenwithout white, black or gray) It is one of the main properties describing...
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Color - Name

The name of a color is known as the hue.
Subtractive Color Wheel
Color - Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are colors made by combining: a secondary color with a primary color. There are six tertiary colors. In the RGB color wheel, these are: orange, chartreuse green, spring...
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Color - Visual Spectrum (Light / Rainbow)

A hue color is a wave length of light that the human can see except for magenta (that is not a color of the visual spectrum) Colour Wavelength (nm) Frequency (1014 Hz) Energy (eV) red (limit) ...
Monochromatic Landing
Color Theme / Scheme

A color theme / scheme is a combination of colors used in an application design. They are palette but formed from only a couple of colors. The main types of color schemes are: , , . ...
Subtractive Color Wheel
Colors - (Complementary|Opponent) Colors

Colours directly opposite to each other in a colour wheel and appears opposite in character are called complementary colours. They cancel each other out, lose hue and produces a achromatic color (grayscale...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Datacadamia - Data all the things

Computer science from a data perspective
Rgv Color Wheel 1908
Red Green Violet

rgv is a subtractive colorspace based on the following primary colors: red green violet

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