CIELChab (a.k.a. LCh or HCL) ColorSpace


CIELChab 1) is a colorspace based on the following coordinates:

CIELChab is also known as:

  • CIELCh or LCh for short
  • CIEHLC or HLC / HCL for short.

This space is based on CIELAB where C and H are used instead of the Cartesian coordinates a* and b*.

Color picker

ColorPicker to explore this color space. 2)



d3 has an hcl and lch constructor.

const color1 = d3.hcl("#075ebb") // hexadecimal RGB
console.log(`hue: ${color1.h} degree`);
console.log(`c: ${color1.c} `);
console.log(`lightness: ${color1.l} `);

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