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A palette is a finite number of color used in a design.

In web design, the palette is created from the choice of a theme type (color scheme) such as monochromatic, complement, analog,…

Example: Monet Painting



Qualitative palettes for categorical data

Qualitative palettes are sets of colors for depicting different categories, i.e., for coding a categorical variable.

To give the same perceptual weight to each category, chroma and luminance are kept constant and only the hue may vary for obtaining different colors (which are consequently all balanced towards the same gray).

Qualitative Palette

Colorspace Examples for qualitative palettes. Hue is varied in different intervals for given Chroma = 50 and Luminance = 70.


Sequential and diverging palettes for numerical variables:

  • Sequential palettes are used for coding numerical information that ranges in a certain interval where low values are considered to be uninteresting and high values are interesting.
  • Diverging palettes are also used for coding numerical information ranging in a certain interval however, this interval includes a neutral value.

They represents a scale (an order is better, no ?)


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