What are the colors emotions ? (meaning / symbolism)


color emotion (known also as color psychology) is based on the human feeling that a color evokes.

This is also known as color meaning or symbolism 1)

You should always consider the context. For instance, red is regarded:

  • in many Asian countries such as India and China, as the color of happiness, wellbeing, and good fortune,
  • in many Western countries, as the color of passion, power, love, danger, excitement.

With this knowledge and the different color pallette, you are ready to create beautiful and meaningful theme.




  • western country: passion, power, love, danger, excitement, warmth, heat, energy
  • asian countries (India, China): happiness, wellbeing, and good fortune


Pink is regarded widely in the western world as the color of femininity.


  • nurturing, gentleness, sincerity, warmth
  • sentimental or romantic (dusty pink)
  • youthfulness (hot pink)



  • fun, freedom, warmth, comfort, playfulness,
  • activity and energy,
  • creativity and energy,
  • fresh and healthy
  • adventure and youthfulness

Located in the visual spectrum between the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow.


  • Blue: calm, trust, competence, peace, logic, reliability
  • Green: health, nature, abundance, prosperity
  • Yellow: happiness, optimism, creativity, friendliness
  • Purple / violet: luxury, mystery, sophistication, loyalty, creativity
  • Brown: nature, security, protection, support
  • Black: elegance, power, control, sophistication, depression
  • White: purity, peace, clarity, cleanliness


Note that the temperature of a color evoke different feelings:

  • warm : coziness and energy,
  • cool: serenity and isolation.

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