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There is actually two big group of computer device where color is concerned:

The gamut is the area on color wheel surface that represents as far as the device can go in all directions.

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Color - Display (Monitor)

This page is display (monitor, screen) in the context of color. The RGB is the colour model for display of images in electronic systems, such as televisions and computers. Colors generated on given...
Srgb Gamut
Color - Gamut (Subset of colors)

A gamut is the range of colors: a device can process, or that a color space can define. The gamut, or color gamut is: a certain complete subset of colors. or the complete set of colors found...
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Color - Profile (Color space of a device)

A color profile is a standard to describe uniformly color spaces. In 1993, a group of vendors formed the ICC to define it. A color profile is data that defines what the color space of a device is, and...

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