Statistics - Scale

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Scale Or unit of variable, coefficient:

  • m
  • km


Large Value

from 0→inf into 0→1: <MATH> \frac{x}{1+x} </MATH>

See tanh(mmalex)


see Viz - Scale

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Color - (Lightness|Value|Tone) (White, Gray, Black scale)

Lightness, also known as value or tone, is a property (coordinate) placed on a linear scale where: White is the highest possible value (the lightest) Black is the lowest value (the darkest) Gray...
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Color - Luminance

Luminance is a photometric measure that is placed on a scale: that quantifies how a color is dark or light that goes from: 0 for darkest black to 1 for lightest white The ratio of luminance...
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A palette is a finite number of color used in a design. theme type (color scheme)... Reference: - De...
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D3 - Scale

scale in D3. D3’s scales simplify visual encoding. They map data value (a domain) to pixels value (a range). These scales supports both ordinal and quantitative (linear, logarithmic, exponential,...
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Data Mining - Root mean squared (Error|Deviation) (RMSE|RMSD)

Root mean squared (Error|Deviation) in case of regression. The RMSD represents the sample standard deviation of the differences between predicted values and observed values. The RMSE serves to aggregate...
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Data Type - Scalar Variable

A scalar variable is an atomic quantity that can hold only one value at a time A scalar function returns a scalar. The contrary of scalar variable are collections. A scalar multiplication is usually...
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Data Vizualization - Grammar of Graphics

Grammar of Graphics Data to visualize Transformation (Data Processing) - Grouping, agg, stats, projection - Represent data - scale - Function that map data value to visual value ...
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Function - Scalar

Scalar functions return a single value (as opposed to an array). Mathematics definition: Any function whose domain is a vector space and whose value is its scalar field. Is the result of a scalar function...
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is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Syntax is very similar to the S_(programming_language)S language. S is a language that was developed by John Chambers et al. at Bell...
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R - Scale


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