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Mondayitis ? Extra Monday

From: Laat je niet misleiden door zinloze cijfers - Ionica zag een getal

Question: A manager is worried because his department 40 percent of sick leave coming on Monday. Taking his employees sometimes massively a long weekend at the expense of the boss? It sounds like a logical question. English even know the word Mondayitis for people who have no sense after the weekend to go to work.

The answer: in a traditional five-day workweek you can call in sick for five days while you get sick seven days a week. Most of the failure lasts more than a day and on Monday you will receive a substantial portion sick reports of people who have become ill over the weekend and are not better yet. Thus you'll be around 40 percent.

Sony Yellow Walkman

From: Laat je niet misleiden door zinloze cijfers - Ionica zag een getal

According to tradition, Sony once gave a series of subjects together to ask what they thought of their new yellow Walkman. The vast majority was wildly enthusiastic: the yellow was nice sporty and much less boring than the usual black Walkman. Satisfied the market researchers could record something like 'in our test panel has 95 percent of the participants prefer a yellow Walkman. Could only those subjects after taking a free walkman home. On a table near the exit were the traditional black and yellow flashing together. And then everyone took a black home.

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