Machine Learning

Thomas Bayes


  • Systems that automatically learn programs from data [Domingos 2012]
  • Teaching a computer about the world [Mark Dredze]

Machine learning builds non-parametric model as they assume that the parameter set (or feature set)) is not fixed and can increase, or even decrease if new relevant information is collected.


  • Recognizing patterns:
    • Objects in real scenes
    • Facial identities or facial expressions
    • Spoken words
  • Recognizing anomalies:
    • Unusual sequences of credit card transactions
    • Unusual patterns of sensor readings in a nuclear power plant
  • Prediction:
    • Future stock prices or currency exchange rates
    • Which movies will a person like?


Machine Learning: The High Interest Credit Card of Technical Debt - tech debt (ie neural net are hard to understand and maintain)


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