Data Mining - (True Function|Truth)

Thomas Bayes


The True model (or truth) is the model that represents perfectly the response without noise.

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Data Mining - (Function|Model)

The model is the function, equation, algorithm that predicts an outcome value from one of several predictors. During the training process, the models are build. A model uses a logic and one of several...
Thomas Bayes
Fuzzy Logic (Partial Truth)

Fuzzy logic is a form of many-valued logic that deals with approximate, rather than fixed and exact reasoning. Compared to traditional binary logic (where variables may take on true or false values),...
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Statistics - Model Evaluation (Estimation|Validation|Testing)

Evaluation is how to determine if the model is a good representation of the truth. Validation applies the model to test data in order to determine whether the model, built on a training set, is generalizable...
Thomas Bayes
Statistics - Non-linear (effect|function|model)

Non-linear effect The truth is almost never linear but often the linearity assumption is good enough. (Linearity is an approximation) When its not (increasing in complexity): polynomials, step functions,...
Confustion Matrix For Accuracy
Statistics Learning - (Error|misclassification) Rate - false (positives|negatives)

The error rate is a prediction error metrics for a binary classification problem. The error rate metrics for a two-class classification problem are calculated with the help of a Confusion Matrix. The...

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