Statistics - (Confidence|likelihood) (Prediction probabilities|Probability classification)


Prediction probabilities are also known as:

  • confidence (How confident can I be of this prediction?).
  • or likelihood: (How likely is this prediction to be true?)

They gives the probability of a predicted outcome (the chance of something happening)

If you give me several pictures of cats and dogs – and then you ask me to classify a new cat photo – I should return a prediction with rather high confidence. But if you give me a photo of an ostrich and force my hand to decide if it's a cat or a dog – I better return a prediction with very low confidence.

See also:

Classification Algorithm

Probability classification is not black-or-white classification (0 or 1) and output then confidence.


Classification Algorithm that will (output|produce) probability directly:


Many algorithm uses algorithm to be able to predict the good class.

  • one rule to make predictions
  • c4.5 uses probabilities to prune the tree


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