Statistics - (Significance | Significant) Effect

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Fisher found with the P-value a way of judging the “significance” of experimental data entirely objectively.


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Data Mining Algorithm
Data Mining - Algorithms

An is a mathematical procedure for solving a specific kind of problem. For some data mining functions, you can choose among several algorithms. Algorithm Function Type Description Decision...
Thomas Bayes
Statistics - (Student's) t-test (Mean Comparison)

The t-test is a test that compares means. NHST can be conducted yielding to a p-value Effect Size can be calculated like in multiple regression. Confidence Interval around the mean can also be...
Univariate Linear Regression
Statistics - (Univariate|Simple|Basic) Linear Regression

A Simple Linear regression is a linear regression with only one predictor variable (X). Correlation demonstrates the relationship between two variables whereas a simple regression provides an equation...
Thomas Bayes
Statistics - (dependent|paired sample) t-test

A dependent t-test is appropriate when: we have the same people measured twice. the same subject are been compared (ex: Pre/Post Design) or two samples are matched at the level of individual subjects...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Statistics - (t-value|t-statistic)

The (t-value|t-statistic) is a test statistic. In NHST, it is essentially a ratio of what we observed relative to what we would expect just due to chance. Each t-value has corresponding p-value depending...
Regression Moderation Scatterplot
Statistics - Moderator Variable (Z) - Moderation

A moderation analysis is a multiple regression analysis. The main reason to run a moderation analysis is to demonstrate how a third variable (Z) changes the correlation between two variables (X and Y)....
Multiple Regression Representation Hyperplane
Statistics - Multiple Linear Regression

Multiple regression is a regression with multiple predictors. It extends the simple model. You can have many predictor as you want. The power of multiple regression (with multiple predictor) is to better...
P Value Pipeline
Statistics - P-value

Fisher found with the a P-value a way of judging the “significance” of experimental data entirely objectively. Fisher choose the talismanic figure 0.05 because it was mathematically convenient and...
Thomas Bayes
Statistics - Post-hoc test

In an anova, the Post-hoc tests is used to figure out exactly where there are significant differences.

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