Data Mining - (Golf|Weather) Data Set


The weather data is a small open data set with only 14 examples.

In RapidMiner it is named Golf Dataset, whereas Weka has two data set: weather.nominal.arff and weather.numeric.arff

The dataset contains data about weather conditions are suitable for playing a game of golf.

Data Set

Outlook Temperature
Windy Play
overcast 83 hot 86 high FALSE yes
overcast 64 cool 65 normal TRUE yes
overcast 72 mild 90 high TRUE yes
overcast 81 hot 75 normal FALSE yes
rainy 70 mild 96 high FALSE yes
rainy 68 cool 80 normal FALSE yes
rainy 65 cool 70 normal TRUE no
rainy 75 mild 80 normal FALSE yes
rainy 71 mild 91 high TRUE no
sunny 85 hot 85 high FALSE no
sunny 80 hot 90 high TRUE no
sunny 72 mild 95 high FALSE no
sunny 69 cool 70 normal FALSE yes
sunny 75 mild 70 normal TRUE yes

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