(Probability|Statistics) - Binomial Distribution

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(Mathematics|Statistics) - Statistical Parameter

population parameter A parameter is a numerical characteristic, feature, or measurable factor that help in defining a particular model. Unlike variables, parameters are not listed among the arguments...
Six Sigma
Business Method - Six Sigma

Six Sigma (6s) is an approach to improve the performance of business process. where: sigma UTL = Upper Tolerance Limit. See LTL = Lower Tolerance Limit The 6s strategy was developed by Motorola,...
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Data Mining - (two class|binary) classification problem (yes/no, false/true)

Binary classification is used to predict one of two possible outcomes. A two class problem (binary problem) has possibly only two outcomes: “yes or no” “success” or “failure” and is...
Gaussian Column First
Galton board

The is a physical model of the binomial distribution which beautifully illustrates the central limit theorem Galtonboard is also known as: Galtonbrett Simulation, quincunx bean machine or...
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R - Binomial Distribution

Binomial Distribution in R The binomial distribution with size = n and prob = p has density for x = 0, ..., n where: To find the probability of having k or less correct answers, we can...
Normal Distribution Cdf
Statistics - (Normal|Gaussian) Distribution - Bell Curve

A normal distribution is one of underlying assumptions of a lot of statistical procedures. In nature, every outcome that depends on the sum of many independent events will approximate the Gaussian distribution...
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Statistics - Central limit theorem (CLT)

The Central_limit_theoremcentral limit theorem (CLT) is a probability theorem (unofficial sovereign) It establishes that when: random variables (independent) (estimate of a random process) are added...
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Statistics - Exponential Distribution

exponential in Distribution exponential distribution is the probability distribution of the time between events in a Poisson process. The value (mostly time) between each pair of consecutive events in...
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Statistics - Poisson Distribution

The Poisson distribution is a discrete probability distribution (of count) that expresses the probability of a given number of events (count) that will occur in an interval on a Poisson process Like the...
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Statistics / Probability - Distribution - (Function)

This section talks the term Distribution also knows as Probability distribution where you get: on the y axis, the probability on the x axis, the event They can be seen as the outcomes of a single...

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