Data Mining - Clustering (Function|Model)

1 - About

To identify natural groupings in the data.

Useful for exploring data and finding natural groupings within the data.

Members of a cluster are more like each other than they are like members of a different cluster.

The process of clustering is really a process of choosing a good partition of the data.

3 - Algorithm

  1. Data Mining - Orthogonal Partitioning Clustering (O-Cluster or OC) algorithm

4 - Type

4.1 - Function

Finds natural groupings in the data

4.2 - Model

Clustering models use descriptive data mining techniques, but they can be applied to classify cases according to their cluster assignments.

The model defines segments, or “clusters” of a population, then decides the likely cluster membership of each new case.

5 - Example

  • A model might identify the segment of the population that has an income within a specified range, that has a good driving record, and that leases a new car on a yearly basis.
  • Segment demographic data into clusters and rank the probability that an individual will belong to a given cluster
  • Common examples include finding new customer segments, and life sciences discovery.

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