Data Mining - Grouping (Classification)

Thomas Bayes


Classification in data mining

Grouping Function

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Data Mining - (Descriptive|Discovery) (Analysis|Statistics)

Descriptive analysis is also known as Descriptive statistics They are procedures used to summarize, organize, and simplify data. Descriptive function are always unsupervised See also . Visual...
Data Mining - Clustering (Function|Model)

To identify natural groupings in the data. Useful for exploring data and finding natural groupings within the data. Members of a cluster are more like each other than they are like members of a different...
Thomas Bayes
Machine Learning - Unsupervised Learning ( Mining )

Unsupervised learning is the second type of function that an algorithm can perform. The algorithm is said to be unsupervised when no response is used in the algorithm. Unsupervised Learning has the goal...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Statistics - Sample (Variable | Attribute | Feature)

A (statistician|data miner) studying a population would be interested in collecting information different characteristics of the subject (like their length, or weight, or age) in a sample. Those characteristics...

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