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1 - About

A Independent variable is a variable used in supervised analysis in order to predict an outcome variable.

It's also known as:

3 - Independent variable

In statistics, a predictor is well known as an independent variable (IV). It does not depend of the experimentational procedure and is more generally:

  • a description of the characteristics of a group.
  • better known as the manipulation, the treatment or conditions.

4 - Quasi-independent

A Quasi-independent variable is a variable that can not be random assigned (example: concussions, gender, Sexual orientation) .

Since the independent variable does not involve random and representative sampling, arguments about causality are not as strong

5 - Type

5.1 - Categorical

Some predictors are not quantitative but are qualitative, taking a discrete set of values.

These are also called:


  • gender,
  • student (student status),
  • status (marital status)

6 - Documentation / Reference

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