Concurrency - Model (Design)

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list of asynchronous (concurrent/parallel) design




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Actor Model

The actor model is a very popular concurrency model by Carl Hewitt from MIT introduced in the `70's. An Actor is an agent that receives and sends messages, behaving independently from other actors in...
Data System Architecture
Concurrency - Communicating sequential processes (Tony Hoare’s CSP paper)

In the CSP model, a program is a parallel composition of processes that have no shared state; the processes communicate and synchronize using channels. Hoare’s CSP is a formal language for describing...
Data System Architecture
Concurrency - Concurrency

Data concurrency means that many thread (that may represents users) can access and modify data at the same time. Data concurrency ensures that users can access data at the same time ...reubenbond/status/662061791497744384/photo/1Reuben...
Data System Architecture
Data Concurrency - Producer Consumer Thread

Producer / Consumer is concurrency model (ie two threads/process communication) where: one thread called a Producer sends data and the other thread called the Consumer receive data. The data send...

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