Stream - Message Queue System

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Message Queue System is one type of implementation of a messaging system

It's a stream source


  • RabbitMQ,
  • Beanstalkd,
  • ActiveMQ,
  • IBM MQ Series,
  • Tuxedo
  • Amazon SQS


  • If the server fails, the queue persist the message (optionally, even if the machine shutdown).
  • When the server is working again, it receives the pending message.
  • If the server gives a response to the call and the client fails, if the client didn't acknowledge the response the message is persisted.
  • You have contention, you can decide how many requests are handled by the server (call it worker instead).
  • You don't expect an immediate synchronous response, but you can implement/simulate synchronous calls.

You can handle error conditions yourself or leave them to the message queue.

Documentation / Reference

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