Complex Event Processing (CEP) - detection of sequences of events

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Complex Event Processing (CEP) - detection of sequences of events


The detection and matching of predefined sequences of events in incoming, unbounded data streams is called Complex Event Processing (CEP).

CEP is like searching the desired pattern in a query window.

A common use case in real-time stream processing is the detection of predefined sequences of events over continuously-arriving data–data that is often out of order.

To expose CEP via SQL for instance, you can use MATCH_RECOGNIZE

A common (but historically complex) task in SQL day-to-day work is to identify meaningful sequences of events in a data set — also known as Complex Event Processing (CEP).


  • Infrastructure monitoring that detects when a server in your cluster is overheating.
  • Network intrusion detection that creates alerts based on unusual behavior.
  • Supply chain management that detects potential thefts.
  • Trend detection based on physical or digital activity.

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