Data Stream - Source (Provider)

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The stream source is the source of the stream (known also as the provider)



See Stream - How to capture change of state - Change Data Capture (CDC)


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Stream - How to capture change of state - Change Data Capture (CDC)

This page is how to capture the changes of state in order to create a stream. The stream processing will then perform an incremental computation Capturing data changes is far from a trivial task, and...
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Stream - Message Queue System

Message Queue System is one type of implementation of a messaging system It's a stream source RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd, ActiveMQ, IBM MQ Series, Tuxedo Amazon SQS If the server fails,...
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Messaging systems implements near-realtime asynchronous computation. A messaging system is a fairly low-level piece of infrastructure—it stores messages and waits for consumers to consume them as stream...
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Stream - Pipeline (Stream Source Query)

A pipeline is a query for a stream. A stream pipeline can be viewed as a query on the stream source. A stream pipeline consists of: a source (which might be an array, a collection, a generator...

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