Concurrency - (Thread) Contention

Data System Architecture


Thread contention occurs when two or more threads try to access the same resource simultaneously and cause the runtime to execute one or more threads:

Starvation and livelock are forms of thread contention.

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Data System Architecture
Concurrency - Concurrency

Data concurrency means that many thread (that may represents users) can access and modify data at the same time. Data concurrency ensures that users can access data at the same time ...reubenbond/status/662061791497744384/photo/1Reuben...
Data System Architecture
Concurrency - Livelock

Livelock is a forms of thread contention. A thread often acts in response to the action of another thread. If the other thread's action is also a response to the action of another thread, then livelock...
Data System Architecture
Concurrency - Starvation

Starvation is a forms of thread contention. Starvation describes a situation where a thread is unable : to gain regular access to shared resources to make progress. This happens when shared resources...
Data System Architecture
Concurrency - Synchronization

Synchronization insures thread safety by preventing the same code being run by two different threads at the same time. When a code (object, method) has a synchronized property, if a thread enter a synchronized...
Process States
Process / Thread - Execution Suspension

A (Thread) Execution Suspension can be caused: by a execution suspension method that makes it in a waiting state by a thread block (when it attempts to get a lock). by a thread contention

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