Text - Non-printing Character (Tabulation, New Line, )

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Non-printing characters are character that are not printed to the screen.

You have two main category of non-printing characters, mainly

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Data System Architecture
Character - Tabulation

Tabulation are non-visible, control characters that permits to align text. The most known is the 0009Horizontal tabulation (ie HT, character 9) or \t as shorthand that is part of the space character...
Data System Architecture
Character - Whitespace

White-space characters is a set of characters that contains: spaces, tabs, and line breaks They are part of the non printing characters. They may be a difference between the class: ...
Data System Architecture
Character Set - American Standard Code for Information Interchange ( ASCII )

ASCII is a character set originally based on the English alphabet, it encodes 128 specified characters into 7-bit binary integers (8 bits for the extended ASCII table) ASCII means American Standard Code...
Characters - Newline - End of Line ( EOL ) - Line Separators - Line Break

To mark line endings in text files, the following characters are used: Unix/Linux file systems use newlines (\n). MacOS uses carriage-returns (\r). Windows uses a carriage-return followed by...
Regexp - Non-printing characters

encoding non-printing characters Encoding Description \a alarm, that is, the BEL character (07hex 07) \cx “control-x”, where x is any character \e escape (1Bhex 1B) \f formfeed (hex...
Bash Liste Des Attaques Ovh
Sh - Backslash Escape Characters (Whitespace, Tabs, Ends, End of Line, Newline) - Non-printing characters

in bash Words of the form $'string' are treated specially. The word expands to string, with backslash-escaped characters replaced as specified by the ANSI C standard. Backslash escape sequences,...
Character Map 0248 00f8
Text - Character

A character is: an atomic unit of text (10646ISO/IEC 10646:2000 Character specification] is categorized as a primitive data type A character is the smallest component of written language that has...

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