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Control characters are used to control the interpretation or display of text, but these characters themselves have no visual or spatial representation.


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Character - Null Character (NUL)

The null character (also known as null terminator) , abbreviated NUL, is a control character with the value zero It's the first character of most of the character set such as ASCII and unicode You...
Data System Architecture
Character - Tabulation

Tabulation are non-visible, control characters that permits to align text. The most known is the 0009Horizontal tabulation (ie HT, character 9) or \t as shorthand that is part of the space character...
Characters - Newline - End of Line ( EOL ) - Line Separators - Line Break

To mark line endings in text files, the following characters are used: Unix/Linux file systems use newlines (\n). MacOS uses carriage-returns (\r). Windows uses a carriage-return followed by...
Content Venn
HTML - (Content of an element|Content Model)

The contents of an element are its children in the DOM tree. Each element has a content model: a description of the element's expected contents. HTML Authors must not use HTML elements anywhere except...
Regexp - Character Class (Character Set)

A character class defines a domain of permitted characters. character set ASCII characters with square brackets where: [ is the start character class definition ] is the end character class...
Regular Expression - Character Matcher

Character matcher matchesone characters in a regular expression pattern. For multiple character match, see Symbol Matches x The character x \\ The backslash character \0n The character with...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Shell Data Processing - Echo (Gnu Utility)

This page is the echo executable of the Gnu utility package that implements an echo functionality. echo To echo a string: where: -n: do not output a newline character. See the example...
Sql Developer Encoding
Sql Developer - Shortcut

Ctrl + Shift + W: Show control characters
Data System Architecture
Text - Carriage Return (CR) Character

The carriage return (CR) is a control character. It: is the end of line (EOL) on Macintosh and one EOL element for Windows. moves the cursor back to the beginning of the line in a console. ...
Character Map 0248 00f8
Text - Character

A character is: an atomic unit of text (10646ISO/IEC 10646:2000 Character specification] is categorized as a primitive data type A character is the smallest component of written language that has...

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