Text - single-byte character set (SBCS)


single-byte character set (SBCS) are character set that can represent a language with one byte (ie a maximum of 256 characters)

Languages written in any of the Western or Middle Eastern alphabets have relatively few characters.

A font character set intended for use with a single-byte code page is called a single-byte character set (SBCS).


English, for example, has:

  • twenty-six uppercase
  • twenty-six lowercase letters,
  • ten numerals,
  • a blank space,
  • some punctuation marks,
  • and a few special symbols like the ampersand and the plus sign.

All Window codepages can only contain 256 code points. A single byte is large enough to assign a different code point to each character, so a set of code points used for English is called a single-byte code page.

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