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A code unit is the block size in a character set.

Some character set need only code unit to lookup a code point and other need two.

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Javascript - Regular expression (Regexp)

in Javascript code unitssingle-character pattern (.) The pattern enclosed between slashes. Loaded compilation (only when the script is loaded) Runtime compilation (when the script runs, the regexp...
Javascript - String

The in javascript. A string in JavaScript is encoded with the ucs-2 16-bit character set. An element of a JavaScript string is therefore a 16-bit code unit. code unitscode pointssurrogate pair Strings...
Character Map 0248 00f8
Text - Character

A character is: an atomic unit of text (10646ISO/IEC 10646:2000 Character specification] is categorized as a primitive data type A character is the smallest component of written language that has...
Data System Architecture
Text - UCS2

Universal coded character set 2 (UCS2) (aka ucs 2) is an Unicode character set that is a subset of UTF-16 with the most common characters The designers of Unicode historically miscalculated the total...
Character Map 0248 00f8
Text - UTF-16 Character Set

UTF-16 is a variant of unicode. It's variable-length encoding: Each code point in a UTF-16 encoding may require either one or two 16-bit code units. The size in memory of a string of length n varies based...
Data System Architecture
Unicode - Surrogate pair (UTF-16)

A surrogate pair is two 16-bit code units used in UTF-16 (16-bit - two-byte) that represents a character above the maximum value stored in 16bit. (ie 0xFFFF hexa or 65535 decimal) Why ? Because the whole...

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