Regular Expression - Character Matcher



Character matcher matches one characters in a regular expression pattern. For multiple character match, see Regexp - Character Class (Character Set)


Symbol Matches
x The character x
\\ The backslash character
\0n The character with octal value 0n (0 ⇐ n ⇐ 7)
\0nn The character with octal value 0nn (0 ⇐ n ⇐ 7)
\0mnn The character with octal value 0mnn (0 ⇐ m ⇐ 3, 0 ⇐ n ⇐ 7)
\xhh The character with hexadecimal value 0xhh (two hexadecimal digits).
\uhhhh The character in unicode UTF16 with hexadecimal value 0xhhhh (four hexadecimal digits)
\x{h…h} The character with hexadecimal value 0xh…h (Character.MIN_CODE_POINT ⇐ 0xh…h ⇐ Character.MAX_CODE_POINT)
\t The horizontal tab character (\u0009)
\v Matches a vertical tab
\n The newline (line feed) character (\u000A)
\r The carriage-return character (\u000D)
\f The form-feed character (\u000C)
\a The alert (bell) character ('\u0007')
\e The escape character ('\u001B')
\cx The control character corresponding to x
\0 Matches a NUL character.

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