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A diagram is a visual representation of a graph. It's a chart with arrows between visuals.

A flow chart is a diagram that represents a directed graph


See (Graph|Network) - Visualization

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(Graph|Network) - Sankey Diagram (Flow)

Sankey diagrams visualize the magnitude of flow between nodes in a network. alluvial diagrams Sankey_diagram
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Data Visualization - Radial diagrams (Radial tree)

See also: Radial tree Circos.
Process States
Data Visualization - State Diagram

A state diagram is a diagram that visualize the different state of entity (ie lifecycle) The OS process state State_diagram
Classes Relationship
Object - Class Diagram (UML)

A class diagram is a diagram specified in the UML standard by showing: the classes (the class is the entity) with its attributes and methods. and the relationships between them By comparison with...
Flow Chart Google Drawing
Process - Flow Chart

A Flow chart is a diagram that represents a flow with directed graph generally composed of: (vertice (node)) connected by directed lines (edge) The flow passes a material or logical thing from...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Process - Sequence Diagram Viz

A Sequence diagram is an interaction diagram that shows how processes (ie protocol) operate with one another and in what order. They focus on the message interchange between participant materialized in...
Cardinality Representation Erd
Relational Data Modeling - Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD)

The entity-relationship (E-R) diagram is a diagram that helps visualize relational data models and shows relationships between relation (ie the entities) ER modeling technique was first developed by Peter...
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UML - Interation Diagram

interaction diagram is a type of uml diagram Communication_diagram Unified_Modeling_LanguageUML Interaction diagrams
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Viz - Adjacency Diagram

Every diagram where the location of visuals represents a relationship (near or close) is an Adjacency Diagram.
What is a Railroad Diagram? known as Syntax diagram

A Railroad is a diagram that permits to visualize a grammar (Same as a process flow) With RRDiagram and BNF syntax of H2 select SQL A Railroad diagram is made of: a main diagram a set of syntax...

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