Data Vizualisation - Animation

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Data Vizualisation - Animation


Animation is defined as a series of steps from one object state to another through transition.

Animations in web browsers come in two forms:


An Animation is just sequences of different state with or without Transition. Therefore you can create an animation with:

  • Snapshot: With a series of snapshot, you can create an animated GIF (with Gimp for instance) (no scalability anymore as it's a raster image)
  • Transition: Define a transition inside your SVG or HTML element. All major web browsers support transitions via CSS or Javascript.



A sequence of frames is called a tween. See Data Viz - Inbetween - Tweening, Interpolation (Animation)

Frame Frequency

  • on twos: 12 drawings per second. The film Fantasmagorie (1908) gives a good example and was considered the first fully animated movie.
  • When the number of inbetweens is too few, such as 4 frames per second, it will begin to lose the illusion of movement altogether.
  • Slow movements may be animated on threes or fours.



  • Bounce
  • Fade
  • Flip
  • Slide
  • Zoom

Twelve basic principles


Animation Software

All software that can draw can animate but some framework are more animation focus than other.


Documentation / Reference


Evolution of <img>: Gif without the GIF by Colin Bendell

Twitter thread

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