Viz - Clipping Regions

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A clipping region defines what is visible.

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Css - Clip (Property)

clipping region in CSS. It defines what portion of an element's border box is visible. By default, the element is not clipped. However, the clipping region may be explicitly set with the clip property....
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Graphic - Operator

Path Construction Operator Path Painting Operator (fill and stroke) clipping boundary Text Operator (show character glyphs from fonts)
Contol Bar Clip Mask Inkscape
Inkscape - Clip (Crop)

Clip paths crops visibility. Clip do not delete part of the object. Put above all objects the clipping object. Inkscape select the object with the most important Z-order as clipping object by...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Svg - Clipping

Clipping in Svg. A clipping path limits the regions of the page affected by the underlying objects.

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