Data Vizualisation - Metrics to measure the quality of a Graphic

1 - About

This page shows some metrics that can be calculated on a graphic in order to scan their pertinence.

3 - List

3.1 - Inkt Ratio

<MATH> \text{Data-ink ratio} = \frac{\displaystyle \text{Ink used to describe the data}}{\displaystyle \text{Ink used to describe everything else}} </MATH>

  • Low is bad
  • High is good

3.2 - Lie Factor

<MATH> \text{Lie Factor} = \frac{\displaystyle \text{Size of the effect shown on the graphic}}{\displaystyle \text{Size of the effect shown in the data}} </MATH>

Good interval is: <MATH> 0.95 < \text{Lie Factor} < 1.05 </MATH>

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