Image Intrinsic Dimension


gif is an image format.

It is normally recommended to save drawings in the webp or png format rather than the GIF format. But for animation, as the animated versions of the PNG format, MNG and APNG, have limited support, GIF is the only real option for animation.




Convert Video to Gif

  • Video to Gif: ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i video.avi video.gif -hide_banner
ffmpeg -i video_320x180.mp4 agif_320x180.gif -hide_banner

# reduce resolution
ffmpeg -i video_320x180.mp4 -vf scale=160:90 agif_160x90.gif -hide_banner

# reduce Frame per second to 10
ffmpeg -i video_320x180.mp4 -r 10 agif_r10_320x180.gif -hide_banner

Resize and Crop


Command line


gifdiff with giscle



gifsicle --delay 50 -- loop=3 pic1.gif pic2.gif pic3.gif > animation.gif


  • --delay or -d: 50 = half second
  • --loopcount or --loop, read in loop N times
  • --optimize


gifsicle --explode anim.gif

Documentation / Reference

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