Raster Image - Feature (Image Properties)

Image Intrinsic Dimension


A feature is property of an image.


  • intensity,
  • color,
  • texture.



For the whole image


For a set of pixel.

Local features provide a limited set of well localized and individually identifiable anchor points. Their location must be determined accurately and in a stable manner over time. They can be used as a robust image representation, that allows to recognize objects or scenes without the need for segmentation. Features need to be described, such that they can be identified and matched.


  • points (interest point)
  • region
  • edge segment
  • small image patches
  • corner,
  • blob


  • edges detected in aerial images often correspond to roads;
  • blob detection can be used to identify impurities in some inspection task;
  • matching or tracking applications,
  • camera calibration or 3D reconstruction.
  • image alignment or mosaicing
  • object recognition
  • scene classification,
  • texture analysis,


  • To localize features in images, a local neighborhood of pixels needs to be analyzed
  • spatial extent: the local neighborhood of pixels

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