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A List is a finite sequence.

A infinite sequence is called a streams

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Event Centric Thinking
(Stream|Pipe|Message Queue|Event Processing)

From an abstract point of view, a stream is a sequence of aninfinite cardinality (size) delivered at unknown time intervals. list Streams: are inputs and outputs of operations may be also buffers...
Data System Architecture
Collection - (Tuple|Vector|Row)

A tuple is: a finite list of elements (fields) - It can only contain a specific number of elements. ordered by position that may have different types. and still be completely typesafe. You can...
Venn Diagram
Collection - Bag

A bag is an un-ordered list of elements that may contains duplicates. A bag is also known as a multiset. Multiset_(abstract_data_type)
Data System Architecture
Collection - Sequence (Ordered)

A sequence is an abstract collection: of non-unique element where order matters - ie (A,B) is not equal to (B,A) non-unique means that it allows duplicate member (the same element/value may occur...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Design Pattern - (Iterator|Cursor)

An iterator is an interface that can express sequences of unlimited size, such as the range of integers between 0 and Infinity. It allow a user to loop over every element of a collection (container) while...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Python - List

Lists are used to store a collection of different pieces of information in a sequence order of under a single variable name. A list can be used to implement a . A list is mutable whereas a tuple is not....
Relational Data Model
Relation - Row (Tuple, Record, Struct)

A row in a relational database can model: an entity . or a relationship Rows are components of a relation (table). They are located on its X axis. A row is also known as: a tuple. record ...
Data System Architecture
Text - Line

A line of text is a list of character until a end of line character is reached. A line separator is known as an end of line. See An adjacent relationship between line means that the line are...
Time Series (Collection of time data)

A time series is sequential collection of data measured one by one: at fixed time intervals (for instance computer monitoring) or when it happens (for a business process or application) A time-series...

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