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A bag is an un-ordered list of elements that may contains duplicates.

A bag is also known as a multiset.

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Data System Architecture
(Collection|Container) Data Type (Set, Bag, Sequence)

A collection is a abstract data type for grouping together multiple values. It's therefore sometime known as a container and creates a aggregation relationship A collection is: an object that groups...
Relational Data Model
(Relation|Table) - Tabular data

A Relation is a logical data structure composed of tuple (row) attribute (column, field) The following data structure are a relation: a table, a materialized view (query) (store data) a query,...
Venn Diagram
Collection - MultiSet (bag or mset)

A multiset (aka bag or mset) is a set with one big difference because it allows for multiple instances of each of its elements (ie duplicate are allowed) This is the same structure that would support...
Data System Architecture
Collection - Sequence (Ordered)

A sequence is an abstract collection: of non-unique element where order matters - ie (A,B) is not equal to (B,A) non-unique means that it allows duplicate member (the same element/value may occur...
Venn Diagram
Collection - Set

A set is: a data structure of the set theory a collection ofdistinct objects (then without duplicate) an unordered collection of objects The objects element of the set have the same type (the type...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Multiplicity

Multiplicity constrain the number of values that may be contained by a container (ie entity set) The multiplicity specifies valid cardinalities of the collection it represents. (It denotes the possible...
Math Domain
Mathematics - (Prime Factorization Theorem | Factoring integers)

For every integer N >= 1, there is a unique bag of prime numbers whose product is N. All the elements in a bag must be prime. If N is itself prime, the bag for N is just {N}. 75 is the...
Card Puncher Data Processing
PL/SQL - Collections (Datatype Table of, Varray of)

Many programming techniques use collection types. To support these techniques in database applications, PL/SQL provides three data types of collections: Associative arrays (formerly called “PL/SQL...
Pig Operations Flow
Pig - Relational Operators

See: Relational Operators Load : Input is assumed to be a bag Assumes that...
Relational Algebra Between Sql And Query Plan
Relational Algebra - Expression and Operators

Relational algebra is based upon the fact that you can pass tabular data through a set of data operators (select, filter, join, sort, union, etc.) in a algebraic structure. It means that: the output...

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