Set Theory - Operator (Operations)

Venn Diagram

Set Theory - Operator (Operations)


operator in Set Theory that applies to set structure (set, bag)


Data Operator

A data operator produce another set.

All relational algebra operator are set-operator.

Relationship / Comparison

A relationship operator produce a boolean

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Relational Algebra - Expression and Operators

Relational algebra is based upon the fact that you can pass tabular data through a set of data operators (select, filter, join, sort, union, etc.) in a algebraic structure. It means that: the output...
Venn Diagram
Set - Difference

difference is an operation between two sets. In a asymmetric difference, the difference element come only from the first set. The asymmetric difference of 1 2 3 4 and 3 4 5 6 is 1...
Venn Diagram
Set - Intersect

intersection is an operation between two sets with a venn diagram
Venn Diagram
Set Theory

A set has several interpretation: the original set that does not allow duplicate the multiset (also known as a bag) that allows duplicate This section is what's called the set theory (ie what rules...
Venn Diagram
Set Theory - Cross Product (Cartesian product)

The cartesian product is a set operator between two set A and B that produces a set of all pairs (a, b) where: (ie a in A) and (ie b in B) See See
Venn Diagram
Set Theory - Relationship

The relationships between set structure is: given by a mathematical function and is described by the set operators. You can visualize them with venn diagram.
Venn Diagram
Set Theory - Venn diagram

The familiar Venn Diagrams is used to visualize illustrate set operations such as: set intersection and set union.

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